Many women and men feel on the outside of ministry but they want to connect. Story Seminary trains women and men through audio lessons and study materials to joyfully grow in Christ, build up one another, and reach out to others.

Training church leaders among non readers. Restoring women to ministry by correcting false Biblical interpretation. All in an easy to understand way.

Audio lessons in Biblical and practical theology in reach of all learners and trainers.

"your teaching has changed my ministry"

AW, Cameroon


"Your teaching on Genesis taught me so much about creation by the Trinity, about the marriage model, and about how Satan's attack had a different impact on the woman and on the man. Learning there was NO CURSE on the woman or the man was the real game changer. Thank you so much!"

SC, Akron


"scholarly work understandable for this poor complementarian mind."

JN, Cambridge


Why Story Seminary Serves Enrollees

Women and men who were uncomfortable with their Bible knowledge and church ministry need help. And help is possible! This is why Bruce C. E. Fleming (center right) founded Story Seminary.

Commitment to learning and making a difference is why enrollment is encouraged. Enrollees have complete access to all audio lessons, notes and e-books. These address Bible questions and clearly answer them. Enrollees are encouraged by God's Word and are made strong in their ministry.

Story Seminary also provides Story Training™ for training of leaders of churches among oral communicators around the world. The Story String was developed to serve as on-site audio seminary basic training in 10 days.

Let's start learning and changing our lives and the lives others!

Rev. Bruce C. E. Fleming has invested a lifetime in ministry on three continents. He holds three graduate- and post-graduate degrees in ministry, theology and practical theology. He is married and has children and grandchildren living in Minneapolis.

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