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Seminary (sĕm′ə-nĕr″ē):

from the Proto-Indo European root *sē- “to sow.” (mid-15c);

“a plot where plants are raised from seeds for transplantation,”

from Latin seminarium “plant nursery, seed plot.”


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Story Seminary was created to support the research and practice of biblical storytelling as a tool to reach the world’s oral learners with the gospel of Jesus. 

“More than 70% of the world’s population are oral learners, yet an estimated 90% of the world’s Christian workers present the gospel using literate—not oral—communication styles.”
Jerry Wiles



Orality describes the use of verbal and thought expression rather than the written word for communication.

Ministries in Orality use narrative and story to share about the hope of Jesus, as told in the Christian Scriptures.


Orality Directory

Story Seminary is a collection, a directory of organizations, individuals and institutions involved in missional ORALITY.

It offers a shared platform for the storytelling novice, the seasoned practitioner, and dedicated researcher to access the work of the community of biblical storytellers.

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